This page contains guides to help with common tasks. If you have any questions, see the FAQ or Contact us.

Getting started

This will guide you through navigating around the App. It will outline where to edit payments, set up your dashboard and other configuration options.

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Adding accounts

You can add additional accounts, up to 2 accounts in the free version or unlimited in the Pro version. You choose how to use the accounts. These might correspond to your individual bank accounts, or one for each family member, or used to separate savings and expenses.

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Adding payments

You can add payments, including income or expenses, as well as transfers between accounts. These could be one-off payments, repeating bills or a regular amount transfered to savings.

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Configuring your Dashboard

The dashboard provides a range of widgets to give you information at a glance. Use this to see your top expense categories, portion of income saved, upcoming expenses and more.

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Setting reminders

Never miss a bill payment with reminders. Set up your payments, including the frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc), enable a reminder and decide how many days in advance to receive a notification.

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Import and Export

If you want to import existing expenses (and other payments), this is can be done using a .csv, .json or .xml file. The file should follow a specific format, outlined in this guide. You can also export all your expenses and other payments after upgrading to the Pro version.

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